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Franchising Expert Consultant on Deltic E-Rickshaw (Toto Dealership) and E-scooter Dealership

We interviewed a senior consultant and an expert in franchising industry from one of the premium consulting firms who has helped more than 1000 people with a franchise setup in his 10 years of career and has been advising his clients to get a Deltic dealership as well. Sharing excerpt from his talk:

According to BCG Matrix, there is something called Cash Cow and Star refer below:
How to Focus on the Stars with a Clever BCG Matrix

Now, without repeating what is already presented in the article we can clearly figure that e-vehicles is a segment which has a growing market and if a good chunk of market share can be held then it is an ideal case i.e. a star as per the BCG Matrix.

Well, being a consultant who has led more than 15 projects especially around this question for people entering the business or trying newer things - I always suggest something safe and easy to the first lot who is planning to start-off first time!

And questions like above are asked by the ones who are trying to figure out what to do, a typical passionate entrepreneur with an idea would have more focused queries. There is nothing wrong in being vague but obviously one needs to clearly understand that



RoI etc.

should be the terms defining the nature of business you are eyeing for.

I will advise you to go for the e-vehicles segment,

Despite a lot of players hitting the market with a good dealership network already there - the industry is so new that there is enough of the pie left.
Also, most of these entrants will be out as the market matures as many of them are experimentalists while most of them are a part of the ‘unsaturated-group’ which will be gone.

So all of the proper dealerships in this segment are doing fine and how would someone define ‘proper’?
Approaching, Pragmatic, Honest, Relation Management, etc.
Sounds like any ‘good boy/girl’ businessperson? Yes, this simple. With no cruel and very intelligent competition, this is it!

With an investment of 10–15 lacs,

Including your 8–10 inventories and marketing support which is like ‘zero-brand fees’,

you can get a dealership of e-rickshaws and e-scooters. There are a good number of brands in the market but I have been personally advising to go for Delta Autocorp - Deltic That is a very economic budget to start off your own business with the support of a national brand in e-vehicles or battery operated vehicles segment. You can own your business while investing below 15 lakh and start making profit soon enough!

Few of my clients went with the brand and could break-even within the first year.

This brand is already becoming the market leader in the e-rickshaw or toto segment by 2020 while having competition from both the unorganized segment and players like Mahindra e-vehicles segment.


Deltic's state of the art technology and the biggest on-ground network. A lean team working with various tie-ups and partnerships which has made the current reality possible. Being a young entrepreneur myself, I got truly amazed by the approach this company has been taking.

Industry seniors have huge expectations from this brand as they are believing that ‘engine based vehicles’ segment is truly different from electric and Deltic is on the right path to make a distinct name in the industry, not only against the ‘startups’ but even the ‘big brothers’. Looking at their e-scooter launch and incoming inventories, I have a very positive inclination towards them.


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