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Deltic's Dealers - Stories of Mr Ram, Uttar Pradesh e-rickshaw dealer

Electric vehicles dealership has emerged as one of the best investment opportunities in contemporary
India as it is economic, promising and comes with heavy returns without requiring a lot of
push-marketing. A new avenue to be in, the dealerships in this segment are not only flourishing
today but would be gigantic resources of tomorrow if the investment is made in the right brand.
A growing market, new names and brands have established themselves as market leaders.
Our Deltic - A Unit of Delta Autocorp LLP itself is a fine example for the same,
4 years in business and we have established ourselves as one of the highest-selling e-rickshaw
manufacturers with our state of the art design and engineering, the electric vehicle’s brand
which is engineered in India and engineered for India. Deltic is already in the market of e-bikes and
e-scooters with a great start-off while planning to launch e-loaders, e-autos, etc. 

The goal of Deltic is to become the market leader in the segment of electr…
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Deltic has become a renowned business name in the industry. It not only deals with battery operated E-rickshaws in one place but all over India. Deltic has come to be the best Electric vehicle manufacturer in India. These battery operated rickshaws have found a suitable place for themselves in and around the city. They can be seen almost everywhere just like any other means of transport. Over the course of time, Deltic has managed to earn the trust of people, majorly by delivering and manufacturing the best of its products and services. Deltic offers a great deal to the common man to purchase the battery operated rickshaw. It is available at affordable prices. Deltic as the ultimate manufacturer of battery operated vehicles in India has proved its worth over the period of time and gained the trust of many of its customers. These E-Rickshaws prove to be an amazing one-time investment for the common man which promises great returns in the long run. WHY CHOOSE DELTIC TO BUY ELECTRIC VEH…