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How electric vehicles industry is coming out of Covid-19 or Coronavirus crisis?

Electric vehicles companies will be coming out of the COVID-19 or Coronavirus pandemic the fastest because of the simple demand and supply logic. Transportation has become one of the necessities like food, shelter, and clothing for humans, without transportation life is unimaginable, with the incoming slowdown in public transportation the necessity for commercial or personal vehicles would be at a high and electric or battery-operated vehicles will see good days soon after the lockdown. Electric scooters have already found a warm place in the heart of Indian families because of its advanced features and economic nature. Even the e-rickshaw (toto) product line will be moving out as the lockdown gets lifted because of the significant support electric vehicles segment is receiving from the government with subsidiaries and loans. E-rickshaw is promoting the entrepreneurial culture in the interiors of India by letting the unemployed youth support themselves and their families. And
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Coronavirus and Slowdown in Public Transportation - like buses: Which bike or car to buy?

An obvious outcome of the COVID-19 or Coronavirus pandemic will be the slowdown in the mobility of public transportation like buses and trains even after the lockdown gets lifted. Call it a precautionary measure or a compulsory initiative to minimize the new cases of Coronavirus patients, the less number of public transports would be a haunting issue for a while. Even without a conscious effort by the government, the collective public psychology would be to avoid all these means of transportation. Large gatherings are surely dangerous until the officials announce a complete wipeout of the virus. Recently an MNC published a report that all over the world everyone is checking for commercial vehicles (2-wheelers or 4-wheelers) to start commuting by their own selves. Also, the market of e-vehicles has a possibility to outgrow the sales of regular fuels (petrol or diesel) vehicles since electric vehicles are the obvious future. Since the market would open with a sudden demand fo

Deltic - An electric vehicles startup, setting example of a good employer during COVID-19

COVID-19 has affected all the industries and businesses unanimously, especially in India the righteous decision of opting for a lockdown has made the Economics suffer for sure. Across these tough times, many brands have shed the capitalistic nature and come ahead with a humanitarian face by supporting their employees and society. Many big names have sprung up while the startups are also coming ahead to fight this war against COVID-19 or Coronavirus. One such example has been set by Deltic, a unit of Delta Autocorp, an electric vehicle startup. Being manufacturers producing engineered in and engineered for India electric scooters and electric rickshaws (totos) . Deltic has taken certain initiatives to make sure that people belonging to the Deltic family stay least affected. Even before the Janta Curfew, Deltic had sensed an upcoming crisis. It was made sure that at all the level of the organization everyone is supported well, the employees were psychologically trained fo

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and lockdown will close many traditional Car, Tractor, Bike Dealerships - Where to Invest?

According to the market experts, the Covid-19 or Coronavirus pandemic and ongoing lockdown situation in India will close many traditional (petrol/diesel) car, tractor, bike showrooms in India - the combination of market paranoia, genuine crisis, and economic disaster will come with consequences and especially in an industry which is transiting to electric vehicles.  Adding to the above, obviously the BS6 switchover from BS4 (The BS6 has only 10 ppm (parts per million) of the sulfur content while in BS4, 50 ppm of sulfur content is allowed. In the year 2016, the Government of India decided to skip BS5 norms and directly shift from BS4 to BS6 by April 2020, thereby signaling a major shift in the country’s transportation policy.) has drastically affected car showroom owners before this crisis itself. Similarly, the strict measures of the current government to regulate the use of tractors as a passenger vehicle to transport people have affected the tractor sales already. One

Why become a Deltic e-vehicles dealer and not invest in big electric vehicles brands?

Why associate with Deltic at an early stage when you have an option to invest in more known brands as a seasoned businessperson is a question many of our current dealers had shared with us! Well, it is a question which will trouble the established investors who have the surplus to own a brand name as an e-vehicle (electric vehicle) dealer which has already established its firm name in the automobile industry (petrol/diesel) and now has entered the e-vehicles segment while assuming some kind of pre-existing monopoly. Let us try to analyze - i) The Investment: ● The more experienced a businessman you are the more you will be concerned about the useless expenses when trying to set up a new business ● The biggest problem in a decision to go for an established name is the extravagant expense that comes to you in the name of the brand fees ● And what are you paying for really? In an established market segment, it makes sense to indulge in such investments

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and Where to Invest Money In? - by Aman Alok, E-Vehicles Market Consultant

An article published by Aman Alok (E-vehicles Market Consultant) The market is the worst hit by the coronavirus pandemic. Though the major concern right now shall be to control the outgrowing situation but very soon the situation betters the market needs to do some intelligent investments which are based on assured returns, if not exponential ones. You have to stop worrying about the fall in the economy, follow a simple logic when thinking to invest in a dealership - i) Is this market growing?  Yes.  ii) Is this brand trustworthy?  Yes.  iii) Is the brand taking a very high chunk just to give away the brand name?  No.  If this is how the answers have come, go for it! There are certain business segments like education, health care which shines like an evergreen gem in the market but the problem is that these are not of a growing nature and there is hardly any space for a new entrant. Investing in these segments will be unprecedented if looking for a return in

Franchising Expert Consultant on Deltic E-Rickshaw (Toto Dealership) and E-scooter Dealership

We interviewed a senior consultant and an expert in franchising industry from one of the premium consulting firms who has helped more than 1000 people with a franchise setup in his 10 years of career and has been advising his clients to get a Deltic dealership as well. Sharing excerpt from his talk: According to BCG Matrix, there is something called Cash Cow and Star refer below: How to Focus on the Stars with a Clever BCG Matrix - Strategic Management Insight Now, without repeating what is already presented in the article we can clearly figure that e-vehicles is a segment that has a growing market and if a good chunk of market share can be held then it is an ideal case i.e. a star as per the BCG Matrix. Well, being a consultant who has led more than 15 projects especially around this question for people entering the business or trying newer things - I always suggest something safe and easy to the first lot who is planning to start off the first time! And qu