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Coronavirus and Slowdown in Public Transportation - like buses: Which bike or car to buy?

An obvious outcome of the COVID-19 or Coronavirus pandemic will be the slowdown in the mobility of public transportation like buses and trains even after the lockdown gets lifted. Call it a precautionary measure or a compulsory initiative to minimize the new cases of Coronavirus patients, the less number of public transports would be a haunting issue for a while. Even without a conscious effort by the government, the collective public psychology would be to avoid all these means of transportation. Large gatherings are surely dangerous until the officials announce a complete wipeout of the virus.

Recently an MNC published a report that all over the world everyone is checking for commercial vehicles (2-wheelers or 4-wheelers) to start commuting by their own selves. Also, the market of e-vehicles has a possibility to outgrow the sales of regular fuels (petrol or diesel) vehicles since electric vehicles are the obvious future. Since the market would open with a sudden demand for personal vehicles, purchase behavior would be inclined towards the battery-operated vehicles. The market is already full of some proven brands which have done decently good in the last few years. The established monopoly of big automobile brands from the regular fuel (petrol/diesel) vehicles segment couldn’t enjoy a biased opening in the market, startups have started leading this segment already. For example, Deltic saw a great opening in the e-rickshaw (toto) product line and have started dominating the national market challenging some very big brands while its electric two-wheeler vehicle (Deltic E-scooter and Deltic EZ) have become household names in many states. Deltic E-scooter even won the ‘People’s Choice Award’ for its exceptional features and economic value.

Companies like Deltic will become the most reachable brands for the common masses because of the national dealership network of 300+ dealers and electric vehicles being the first choice when thinking to buy a new vehicle (scooter or e-scooter or bike). The economic nature of these vehicles is another reason why most of the sales in automobiles (vehicles - cars or bikes) section would be bagged by companies like Deltic. Cheaper than the normal scooters against the advanced features, Deltic E-scooter like e-scooters cost 1/10th even in terms of fuel. Easy to plug anywhere, almost as simple as plugging a mobile phone into the charger, the future will be bright.

Perhaps, Deltic like electric vehicle startups are still getting new inquiries for dealership or franchise since any smart investor knows the limited options he/she has and the fulfilling returns on investment battery-operated electric vehicles segment can bring even in this critical situation of COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown. “Coronavirus will slow down public transportation but not urban mobility, once the lockdown is over e-scooters will become the alternative for public transports in many ways. The economic nature of these vehicles won’t burden the pockets as well!”, says Ankit - the CEO of Deltic, Delta Autocorp LLP.

We can only hope for the best for every Indian in every possible way, may the lockdown of the country doesn’t lockdowns the economy for long.


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