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Franchising Expert Consultant on Deltic E-Rickshaw (Toto Dealership) and E-scooter Dealership

We interviewed a senior consultant and an expert in franchising industry from one of the premium consulting firms who has helped more than 1000 people with a franchise setup in his 10 years of career and has been advising his clients to get a Deltic dealership as well. Sharing excerpt from his talk: According to BCG Matrix, there is something called Cash Cow and Star refer below: How to Focus on the Stars with a Clever BCG Matrix - Strategic Management Insight Now, without repeating what is already presented in the article we can clearly figure that e-vehicles is a segment that has a growing market and if a good chunk of market share can be held then it is an ideal case i.e. a star as per the BCG Matrix. Well, being a consultant who has led more than 15 projects especially around this question for people entering the business or trying newer things - I always suggest something safe and easy to the first lot who is planning to start off the first time! And qu

Deltic's Dealers - Story of Mr Khan, Bihar e-scooter dealer

Electric vehicles dealership has emerged as one of the best investment opportunities in contemporary India as it is economic, promising and comes with heavy returns without requiring a lot of push-marketing. A new avenue to be in, the dealerships in this segment are not only flourishing today but would be gigantic resources of tomorrow if the investment is made in the right brand. A growing market, new names and brands have established themselves as market leaders. Our Deltic - A Unit of Delta Autocorp LLP itself is a fine example for the same, 4 years in business and we have established ourselves as one of the highest-selling e-rickshaw manufacturers with our state of the art design and engineering, the electric vehicle’s brand which is engineered in India and engineered for India. Deltic is already in the market of the e-bikes and e-scooters (battery operated scooters) with a great start-off while planning to launch e-loaders, e-autos, etc. The goal of Deltic is to be

Deltic E-scooter - The Best E-scooter in India

Recently, a Bengaluru (Bangalore) based market research firm found that Deltic E-scooter is the most loved e-scooter across India in its range. The survey was conducted across 18 states in India on different parameters like performance, design, strength, maintenance, price, etc. E-scooter has become the people’s choice e-scooter - gaining the attention of the customers and dealers/distributors, both. Great design, zero-maintenance-robustness and the most effective performance in the range - a few of the many reasons how Deltic E-scooter has established itself as the electric scooter in the market. We as Deltic - a unit of Delta Autocorp LLP dreamt to build a people’s  e-vehicle (battery operated)  which could be loved and accepted by the entire country, especially the old India: E-scooter has overwhelmed us with the response. But we won’t celebrate the above 3 parameters only, it is the overall engineering and designing which have been iterated at least 4 times before get

Growth of Electric Vehicles Startups in India

In contemporary India, many startups have come up as the vanguard of ecology, social equity, etc. This is the bright side of a new world that is being led by young minds who are leading themselves to the pinnacle of success while caring deeply about the ‘people’s problems’. And this is the goodness in the modernization as it is happening, not just modernization, sustainable modernization should be the term. What is sustainable modernization? While sustainability surely is a path of development that can’t be ignored, there is no concrete structure defining this pathway. Proponents of a “Green Economy,” for instance, regard economic growth as a prerequisite for sustainable development and advocate a modernization of society, which implies moderate adjustments toward a sustainable economy within the current institutional framework. Critics of this ecological modernization approach see the imperative of economic growth as an obstacle for sustainable development and instead support a fun

Deltic- The Best Electric Vehicle Rickshaw Manufacturer in India

Deltic has become a renowned business name in the industry. It not only deals with battery-operated E-rickshaws in one place but all over India. Deltic has come to be the best Electric vehicle manufacturer in India. These battery-operated rickshaws have found a suitable place for themselves in and around the city. They can be seen almost everywhere just like any other means of transport. Over the course of time, Deltic has managed to earn the trust of people, majorly by delivering and manufacturing the best of its products and services. Deltic offers a great deal to the common man to purchase the battery-operated rickshaw. It is available at affordable prices. Deltic as the ultimate manufacturer of battery-operated vehicles in India has proved its worth over the period of time and gained the trust of many of its customers. These E-Rickshaws prove to be an amazing one-time investment for the common man which promises great returns in the long run. WHY CHOOSE DELTIC TO

The Journey of Deltic’s CEO - Ankit Agarwal

Ankit Agarwal is a young, dynamic and pragmatic green-energy entrepreneur who has reflected perseverance, inventive attitude and erected self-sustained businesses across his career. As many industry experts say, it is the personality of Mr. Agarwal which inspires togetherness, belief and focus and hence a young company like Deltic could gain high market share in the segment of electric vehicles. Young Days Since a young boy, Ankit Agarwal has been fascinated by technical advancements and the sustainable solutions they bring with them, for problems that have been bothering the ecosystem for long. Hence, despite his interest in pure science, he opted for engineering for higher studies. Joining R.V.C.E in Bangalore in 2002 was quite an exposure, both because of the great environment inside the college, and the city that Bangalore is - Silicon Valley of India. While studying his engineering, Ankit did not stay confined by the immediate curriculum, only. He remained on a const

Deltic and the Right Dealership

To understand the ecosystem of the franchise or dealership, we did basic research with few of the dealers and consultants in the market. The following is an excerpt from the interview Deltic (Delta Autocorp) took with a consultant who has helped more than 50 franchisees to own the right business for them. Deltic: How do you make someone understand what is the right business for them? Which is the most suitable framework to understand a business as a layman especially when keeping franchise-investment in mind? Consultant: Well, I make it case dependent but one generic model is most understandable is BCG Matrix. According to BCG Matrix, there is something called Cash Cow and Star refer below: How to Focus on the Stars with a Clever BCG Matrix This helps you to assess your running businesses or assess any other businesses especially for a person who has not been into business. Keeping the perspective of a franchise in mind, one can help oneself with understanding

Franchise Business and Electric Vehicles Dealership in India

Starting a franchise business in India is new and already saturated. What do we mean by this? Well, a decade ago franchise was an exclusive investment, meant to own franchises/dealerships of very well known brands demanding a huge chunk of money while franchisors (the ones who own the brand) used to have many prospective franchisees approaching them while trying to fulfill the parameters provided by the franchisors. Now the games have changed within a decade with a plethora of new and promising market opportunities and an investor-friendly ecosystem where the investors are choosing where they want to invest in. Franchise business in India has taken newer turns especially after Franchise India which helped newer brands to receive recognition and the people who were looking forward to investing in a business for the first time by owning a franchise. It has come to a level where it is becoming more confusing than ever, with more brands and more options the normal investor loses t