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The Journey of Deltic’s CEO - Ankit Agarwal

Ankit Agarwal is a young, dynamic and pragmatic green-energy entrepreneur who has reflected perseverance, inventive attitude and erected self-sustained businesses across his career. As many industry experts say, it is the personality of Mr. Agarwal which inspires togetherness, belief and focus and hence a young company like Deltic could gain high market share in the segment of electric vehicles.

Young Days

Since a young boy, Ankit Agarwal has been fascinated by technical advancements and the sustainable solutions they bring with them, for problems that have been bothering the ecosystem for long. Hence, despite his interest in pure science, he opted for engineering for higher studies. Joining R.V.C.E in Bangalore in 2002 was quite an exposure, both because of the great environment inside the college, and the city that Bangalore is - Silicon Valley of India.

While studying his engineering, Ankit did not stay confined by the immediate curriculum, only. He remained on a constant journey of self-exploration and the outcome was the plethora of engagements he started having beyond the walls of his colleges. It was also quite amazing how cities like Bangalore were hubs of R&D catering to the future markets of first world companies.

The Seed

Though realizing all this was not always a pleasant experience. Reading about such technical advancements complimenting progressive and sustainable thoughts was something alien to him, as the world he came from struggled to implement the long invented technologies, still. As it is said, it is never a moment but a journey. In his final year, while doing his project in ISRO, Ankit had his realization letting him push himself fully upon a path that would reflect one pattern - turning sustainable and efficient technical advancements market-ready, without any biases.

A Man with Plans

Determined to walk on a path built by his own will, Ankit decided to get done with his MBA as soon as possible, to gain the knowledge that had been missing, business. A man with a plan, Ankit decided to opt for something which would help him with perspective enhancements and learn the most at a global level, without forgetting his dream of returning back to old India. And hence, the next 1 year got spent in Dubai and Singapore, S.P. Jain Centre of Management, in 2007.

Quite sure to follow his heart and start off on his own journey, Ankit let logic guide him here and decided to first get some industry exposure. And hence happened his one-year association with Evalueserve as an Equity Research Analyst in 2008. One year filled with numbers and a higher degree understanding of the way business works ended up as Ankit decided to finally assume the life of an entrepreneur.

Let the Game Begin

First of all, he decided to brainstorm upon a long thought idea. Having done a detailed study on the evolution of the real estate market and his own interests in solving Operation Research problems, Ankit saw clear scope infrastructures have if planned and presented in the right manner. And realized the idea of Lavanya Buildpro in 2009. Transforming basic commercial infrastructures, with a good area of 10,000 to 15,000 sq. ft., into warehouses that could fit in the requirements of MNCs. He had a 3 phase vision: acquiring an area, transforming it with respect to physical changes, and transforming it with respect to technical automation.

After executing the first two phases and having served clients like IBM and Oppo, Ankit could clearly see that the third phase would require major investments. A pragmatic young man from a humble background, Ankit decided to let time multiply his rewards so that he could proceed towards the larger plan in a risk-free manner. Though, even the current model of Lavanya Buildpro has inspired many to relook at their real estate assets.

Opportunities and Executions

Next, happened Preciso Electrica, a pan India distribution of smart energy meters letting the most essential and oldest machine evolve - electric meters. Amrapali Groups and Assam Government were few of the clients who got served by the company across 2012-2013. By this time Ankit started feeling to build long-term solutions that could employ more people while addressing problems in a holistic way.

Hasn’t it just begun?
The next milestone in the entrepreneurial journey of Ankit was Boxmii Logistics Solutions, 2013. Serving 100 clients like The Man Company and having aggregated nearly 7 national and 14 regional logistics companies, Boxmii wanted to democratize and ease the process of delivery for the eCommerce companies, working at a small scale. The identified problem has been one of the prime reasons why businesses relied on platforms like Amazon and Flipkart as logistics emerge as a very redundant operational cost. The company ended its services on a good note as the partners decided to not scale further.

And, Ultimately The Dots Connect

Ultimately, the long journey Ankit covered with the single-minded vision of decentralizing technology and creating opportunities, tasting the different facets of business, led him to the launch of the brand which could make him taste the sweetness of his own perseverance - Deltic. Ankit knew that E-mobility is the call of the hour. A sustainable approach towards living and growing can’t be neglected in an era when climate change and heat of global warming has become a reality from a threat. An Elon Musk is not an answer to the ignorance we reflect on the fact that we might extinct if we don’t assume the responsibilities. Ankit decided to establish his vision for the future and wisdom from the past by reaching the old India, for India beyond the cosmopolitan cities define reality against the otherwise minority. Mature as a businessman and pragmatic as an entrepreneur, Ankit had a plan. He clearly saw that the first step should be introducing products which could solve the public transportation problems, and why? It served 3 purposes: i) Employability - An electric vehicle acting as a public transport acts as a means of employment ii) Trust - Also, it establishes trust for future consumers buying their own 2-wheelers and 4-wheelers. Evidential establishment of the psychological inclination towards E-mobility couldn’t be addressed in a better fashion iii) Hello India - And ultimately, at a time when even the most urban and modern population is not very sure about E-mobility we can’t expect our small towns and cities to adopt something this new

Hence came Deltic Star and Deltic Vista - electric 3 Wheelers. Having impacted 10,000 lives and completing 1 million rides in the last 3 years, covering 6 North-Eastern and Northern states - Deltic has just shown the trailer. Very soon, this dreamchild of Ankit is about to launch its own E-scooters while getting ready for the E-loaders as well.

The E-scooters have been planned and designed in a way that they become of use for the people who have been finding the regular petrol bikes costly and ineffective for their transit travel purposes. About to hit the local markets soon, the otherwise benefit of the model is the business opportunity it provides for the dealers, as has been the case with the 3-wheeler dealers.

A job creator:

Ankit has touched 30,000+ lives with his venture as Deltic is not only leading the evolution of the transportation system by manufacturing e-vehicles but providing dealership opportunities to people across India. With over 300 e-rickshaw and e-bike dealers and a stronghold in 15 states of India, Deltic has emerged as a true job-creator. Even e-rickshaw itself is a resource to sustain the life of the owner and his/her family.

Associating with Deltic as a dealer is a relationship and the company believes in the fact that a family grows together, only. Financing-support, higher margins, centralized branding, and marketing, back-end support, localized management, etc. are a few of the results of the same. Our existing dealers have grown and they treat the dealership as their own business, we wish to upscale the emotion further - join our family.

The Road Ahead

Alike any other visionary Ankit pursues his dreams without rest and hence he has been working on another efficient energy solution, simultaneously - A2R Energy Solutions. Making the LPG stations a reality, fully legal and much cheaper, this venture will start its operations from Mumbai.

What is future but the reflection of the present and what is present but the amplification of the past, Ankit Agarwalproves the same!


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