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Deltic - An electric vehicles startup, setting example of a good employer during COVID-19

COVID-19 has affected all the industries and businesses unanimously, especially in India the righteous decision of opting for a lockdown has made the Economics suffer for sure. Across these tough times, many brands have shed the capitalistic nature and come ahead with a humanitarian face by supporting their employees and society. Many big names have sprung up while the startups are also coming ahead to fight this war against COVID-19 or Coronavirus.

One such example has been set by Deltic, a unit of Delta Autocorp, an electric vehicle startup. Being manufacturers producing engineered in and engineered for India electric scooters and electric rickshaws (totos). Deltic has taken certain initiatives to make sure that people belonging to the Deltic family stay least affected.

Even before the Janta Curfew, Deltic had sensed an upcoming crisis. It was made sure that at all the level of the organization everyone is supported well, the employees were psychologically trained for further situations and how they would be supported by the Deltic administration. Also, all the dealers and the prospective dealers were intimidated by the Deltic board to prepare for a slowdown and how to cope up with it especially with respect to the life of the battery and electric vehicles (e-scooter and e-rickshaw) as they will be left in the showroom for a lot of time (though lockdown hadn’t been announced, the slowdown in sales had been anticipated thankfully).

As the lockdown due to Coronavirus got announced, the Deltic administration quickly decided to announce that all the employees would be paid across the month. This was done to avoid any panic and sustain the employees despite being in the manufacturing segment where work from home has no meaning. Industry applauded this move by a young startup and surely this reflects why Deltic could emerge as one of the fastest emerging companies in the battery-operated vehicles segment and how its pan-India dealership network (e-rickshaw/toto dealership and e-scooter dealership) of 300 dealers got established. All the dealers were personally intimidated to follow the previously circulated guidelines to minimize inventory-related issues.

Deltic has made sure that the lockdown period and extension of lockdown is looked like an opportunity to introspect and strengthen core fundamentals while strategizing for further growth! The engineered in India electric vehicles (EV) factor has already kept Deltic away from the worry of Chinese import which has been the nightmare for many of the local names.

Belonging to a segment that has a growing market, stability in the electric vehicles (EV) industry will be achieved quickly as the demand for e-vehicles won’t be hit due to COVID-19. Deltic has been planning to reach the right people once the market opens and helps them with subsidiaries and loans to sustain their businesses as dealers or e-rickshaw drivers while formulating some unrevealed plans to benefit the maximum number of people in the market, fighting against Coronavirus.

It is good to see how we as India are coming together to fight this pandemic! Hopefully, India will win this war against the COVID-19 pandemic with minimal damage. The economy of the country would be affected without a doubt but a young country like India will spring back, all of us will pray!


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